Don Glut

Comic Book Legend and film maker Don Glut

Donald F. (“Don”) Glut ( is a director/writer of independent motion pictures, the most recent being Dances with Werewolves  and Tales of Frankenstein (currently in production), author of more than 70 books (novels including a national Number One best-seller, the novelization of “The Empire Strikes Back,” and upcoming “Frankenstein; The Final Horror,” and non-fiction, e.g.  “Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia” series), short stories, comic books (writer of Captain America, Tarzan, Vampirella and many others, creator of “The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor,” “Dagar the Invincible” and “Tragg and the Sky Gods”), TV shows (live action and animation, such as Spider-Man and His Amazing Friend, Transformers, Duck Tales, Robo-Cop, X-men and many more), music, articles, etc. He was a monster-magazine editor (e.g., “Modern Monsters”) and is a musician, photographer, lecturer and actor (most recently doing voice-over acting for Japanese-language anime and live-action movies).

During the late 1960s he played bass guitar in the Penny Arkade, a rock band produced by then-“Monkee” Mike Nesmith. Don has been associated with such franchises as “Transformers,” “Masters of the Universe,” “Star Wars,” Marvel Comics, “G.I. Joe” and others. Currently he is writing comics scripts for The Creeps magazine. He is also a volunteer fossil preparator at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Don’s interests include paleontology, horror, science-fiction and fantasy, vintage radio and TV shows, old comic books, stage magic, trains, “Holy Relics,” the Three Stooges, Jackie Gleason and avoiding having to get a “real” job.