Cosplay FAQ

Prop weapons are no longer going to be permitted.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is it a weapon?


Not foam weapons, not plastic weapons, not wood weapons, not cardboard weapons. (If it’s not a weapon or replica of a weapon it’s not banned)
This means no guns, no blades (even huge ridiculously sized anime blades), bats, hammers, sharp shields etc.

Approved items for cosplay: Shields without sharp points, finger nails (even if they are cat claws under 1 inch), whips, staffs, wands, hilts (non metal hilts for lightsabers, swords, daggers etc will be permitted so long as they have no blade attached), rings (without blades), etc For specifics please email pictures of your cosplay item to and bring the full email and response with you to comic con for permission.

Multi pocket Backpacks are strongly discouraged. Single pocket bags are recommended. (String bags etc) ALL BAGS WILL EMPTIED and SEARCHED.

Our commitment is to keep family’s and guests safe. We will do all we can to help with this transition.

Photo Op Area

We will have an area set up inside the Hilton Hotel Lobby to do photo ops with your full cosplay, props and all in the lobby. There will be no restrictions for cosplay placed by the convention on your cosplay inside the hotel lobby area. (You must still observe all Tribal and City laws and restrictions on carrying weapons). We will have a step and repeat banner set up for you to take photos in front of. Remember to get your hand stamped so you can re-enter the convention from this tunnel entrance.

Dress Code:

Please no pink parts. Public bathing suit coverage must be the base. 60% of backside of both men and women, and 60% of female breasts must be covered (semi private breast feeding areas will be provided if you choose not to use a cover- please inquire at the entrance or with a volunteer). Full groin coverage for both men and women (dance belts or cups must be worn. no genitals visible under clothes will be permitted).  If your cosplay is more revealing (ex:Leeloo bandage outfit) please use a body suit under the cosplay.