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Saturday 10am to 1pm, Sunday 11am-2pm in the Anime Room

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Auditioning and advanced acting skills

Day 1: The audition process
How do you ace your audition? It’s the only shot you have of getting the job. And the audition process today can take on many different forms. In person, on camera, remote, self taping and self submissions. How do you come up with inventive, interesting choices and avoid shooting yourself in the foot? Actors should enjoy the casting process. Being able to create an open and vulnerable impression is vital to the impression one leaves behind. Much of that comes from feeling comfortable with oneself and with the work you are there to perform. In this class we will look at all the different scenarios and obstacles you may encounter, and share our personal insights and experiences in the entertainment business. If time allows we start with the preparation for day 2.

Day 2: Cold Reading
Often times dialogue changes at the last minute. This can be at the audition, callback or on set. This often creates anxiety inhibiting actors from performing optimally. This class will focus on cold reading techniques to help one overcome these challenges. We will look at how to break a scene down and share tips and techniques to quickly adjust no matter what present itself. Actors will perform a cold reading.