Photo Op Schedule

Photo Op Pre-sales

Friday Photo ops available


October 18-20, 2019

  • Please print your ticket or have it available on a mobile device. You will need to present it at the Sales & Redemptions table at the show for physical tickets.
  • Ticket to the show is required.
  • 4 people allowed per photo-op. Any additional people requires the purchase of another photo-op.
  • Cash sales only at the event.
  • Tickets are non-refundable once purchased except in the event of a guest cancellation.
  • Add-ons are not refundable, but transferable to another photo-op or event.
  • Add-ons useable for only 1 photo-op.
  • Photo-op times are subject to change.
  • Autographs are NOT included in the photo-op sale NOR allowed in the photo-op room.
  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to photo-op time.
  • Photo-op schedule will not be released until 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Photo-op tickets are swappable and upgradeable on your confirmation page.
  • Please email with any questions.
  • Please visit our FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions

Wolf Studios Photography is proud to offer digital copies of every Celebrity photo-op we have produced. Simply follow the instructions below to search for and retreive your digital copy or a reprint.

1. TICKETS PURCHASED ON-LINE If you purchased your photo op ticket on-line you must redeem that ticket at photo op sales & redemption prior any time to getting in line for your photo op. You may redeem tickets at any time during show hours. VIP photo op tickets do not need to be redeemed. You will simply turn in the photo op side of your pass.

2. PHOTO OP SCHEDULE Photo Op schedules are typically posted on the photo op page for each specific convention. Please be sure to recheck the photo op schedule prior to your departure to the show. The schedule is subject to change without notice. There is a version number listed at the top the photo op schedule that will help you know if the schedule has changed. If you miss an op, you will not receive a refund.

3. TWO FANS PER PHOTO Two adult fans may be in the same photo using one ticket. Families may have two adults plus two children 14 and under.

4. PHOTO OP LINES Lines for each photo op will not be made available until 15 minutes before the scheduled time for that particular photo op. Please do not try to get in or form any lines that are not yet officially available and listed on the line assignments board (located at the photo op queue entrance). Unofficial or fan created will not be honored when official lines are created within the photo op queue area.

A. There is a table inside to place your items on. Please have any backpacks, purses, bags, lanyards, etc off and ready to place on the table inside the room prior to entering the room.
B. Please have your tickets out and ready.
C. The photo op lines move fast so please stay alert for queues from the photographer and in-room staff.
D. Absolutely no autographs are allowed in the photo op room.
E. Due to safety concerns please do not bring strollers inside the photo op room
F. Absolutely no personal recording devices are allowed in the photo op rooms. Use of any personal still image or video recording device will result in the forfeit of your photo op without refund.

6. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF THE CELEBRITY GUESTS. Keep hands above the waist, absolutely no kissing. Please pay attention for special restrictions a particular guest may have. Any inappropriate behavior may result in the forfeit of your photo op without refund

7. GLASSES Glasses will often glare, if you do not mind removing them, we suggest you do. Glasses also make it nearly impossible for the photographer to verify if you blinked or not.

8. AFTER YOUR PHOTO OP Once you exit the photo op room, simply follow the stripe on the floor and it will lead you to the print pick-up area. There you will be given your print in around 60 seconds.

9. DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, ADDITIONAL PRINT & COMBO PACK ADD-ONS. To receive your add-ons (digital download, additional print or combo pack) you must redeem your add-on ticket after your photo is taken and you pick up your 8×10 print. You can redeem your add-on at add-on redemption. If you fail to redeem your add-ons at the show, we cannot provide you with your add-on item. Digital downloads are 1920×1200 resolution (approx)

10. PHOTO OP ROOMS ARE ALL LOCATED IN THE SAME AREA Please look at your map to find the photo op area. All photo op rooms share the same queue area.

If I purchase a VIP that includes a photo op, can a non-VIP ticket holder take a photo with me?

Yes, we allow one additional adult per VIP photo op.

How do I get a refund?

There will be no refunds given for missed ops or buyers remorse. In the unlikely event that eyes were closed or a head was not included in the photo, we will reshoot the photo at the discretion of the photographer. It is your responsibility to double check the schedule prior to and at the show for changes. Any add ons are NON REFUNDABLE but may be transferred to another photo op.

Will photo op tickets be available for purchase at the convention?

There are a specific number of ops allowed per celebrity, and if they do not sell out they will be available at the op. Digital downloads and reprints will be available at the convention.

Can I get an autograph from the celebrity?
No, this is a photo op only. Autographs will be available at the celebrities discretion and cost at their table. Be advised, if you ask for an autograph you will be removed from the op without a refund.

Where do I go for my photo op?

There will be a photo op booth located in the convention. Our staff will guide you to the location. Please note, you must arrive 15 minutes prior to the photo op start time. If you preordered a photo op you need to bring your printed ticket to be exchanged for your entrance ticket.

If you arrive earlier than 15 minutes, then security will escort you out. The lines do get long and the ops are over once the last guest is done. If there is noone else in line, then the celebrity goes back to their table. You will not get a refund if the op is missed.

Am I able to give gifts to the celebrities?

Due to security considerations and guest concerns we can no longer facilitate the giving of gifts to guests at the photo op sessions. Please note that because guests usually travel by plane they are unable to take gifts home with them in any case. As a FYI, in our experience, the vast majority of celebrities do not take their gifts with them, nor do they ask for them to be sent. This is not meant to single out any specific guest or stars of any specific film or TV series, it is just a fact of the celebrity world that we wish to pass on because we know how much time and effort goes into gift-giving by fans to their favorite celebrities.

What if I am unable to make my scheduled op time? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no refunds are available. If you plan to miss your op or are unable to make your scheduled time, you are able to transfer your ticket to someone else or choose another op. Please note, this is only available BEFORE your scheduled op. If you miss the op due to being late, there are no refunds.

When will I receive my photo?

Photos are available typically 60 seconds after your op. In the event of technical difficulties, please allow 15-30 minutes to collect your photo.

How many copies of my photo do I get?

Included in your purchase is 1 8×10 photo. You are free to purchase extra copies at a cost of $10 each. These can be purchased at the event before or after your photo op.

How many people can be in a photo op?

At the request of many of our celebrities, we are limiting the amount of patrons in a picture with a celebrity to 2 guests and two children 14 and under. If you have a question please contact us at

What am I paying for?

A purchase of a celebrity photo op gives you an 8×10 photo of yourself with the celebrity. In order to avoid anyone being upset, we like to point out that you are not buying a “conversation” with the celebrity. On rare occasions a patron will be upset that we must keep the line moving, however please know that our celebrities need to also do their on-stage presentations and sign autographs, generally all in the same day, and they often need to catch a plane or make another engagement. The total op lasts less than 15 seconds.

Do I receive a ticket in the mail or via email? What proof do I need to bring to the event to show that I’ve paid for my photo-op?

If you purchased your ticket online you will receive an emailed copy which needs to be redeemed at the convention. There is a unique barcode that will be scanned in once the line starts moving. Please ensure that you print out your ticket and not use the option on your cell phone in case there is no signal at the show. If you cannot access your ticket on your mobile device, you will be denied access.